Welcome to our practice!

We are here to help women throughout the Mid-South who are pregnant, or contemplating pregnancy, to have the best possible outcome for their pregnancies.  We accomplish this by working together with women and their physicians or other health care providers.

Perinatology, also known as Maternal-Fetal Medicine, is a subspecialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology dealing with all matters that can affect the health of a mother and her unborn child from before conception to after delivery. Physicians who practice Maternal-Fetal Medicine are Obstetricians / Gynecologists who have received additional training, and performed research, in the care and management of pregnant women and their unborn children.  Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists are involved in guiding the management of genetic, medical, and surgical complications that a mother or her unborn child may encounter during pregnancy.*

We are a consultation based medical practice, so if you are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy, and believe that you could benefit from our services, please discuss this with your physician or other health care provider.

*For a more detailed description of Maternal-Fetal Medicine see the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine‚Äôs definition of Maternal-Fetal Medicine.